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Sample Aviation Weather Software

Installation Notes

This software attempts to make access to Australian aviation weather information with the single action convenience typical of an automated AVFAX request but at the low cost of the Internet access methods. This means that some time must be spent on initial set up but after that initial pain the software will manage the calls so that weather information is available within two or three minutes of turning on your computer. Printouts composed as you dictate can be automatically printed periodically if so desired.

Communication Information

The communications access path will need to be set up. If you have a dial up connection you will need to select the connection normally used for Internet access and enter the user name and password. If your Internet service provider REQUIRES a "Proxy" this needs to be configured. The software will attempt to discover this information but it is surer if you obtain it from your service provider or by looking at the "proxy settings" of your browser or NAIPS Software.

Software Preferences

Within the software - "Auto call on Query" will cause any service provider dial up access to be established as and when required, "Close After Delay" closes down the phone line between calls to save ISP charges, "Print First" prints out the weather once the initial weather data has been received. These options will enable a printed copy of the weather to be be produced simply by starting the aviation assist software. "One Click"

With these settings and by installing a software short cut in the computer start up (Programs\Startup) the Weather is printed after power up. "no Click"

Aviation Information

The software pulls Area Forecast reports from the Airservices Australia Web site. You need to determine which Areas you want included. Eg Area 30 only gives Victorian Airports. You also specify which airports you want included in the automated print.

Beta Release Software

Free Download

This software is an early release and provided free. We ask that, if you find it useful and use it for more than one month, you email Innova Solutions with any comments you may have for improvements. This will ensure we are able to advise you of updates. We are also interested if you find it not useful, This applications has a termination date which can be viewed in the help about screen. The software is copyright and has licence conditions associated with its use. The software comes as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The company accepts no liability for any alleged or actual damage arising from use of this program.


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